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Perfect-Potato Tornado Cutter

Perfect-Potato Tornado Cutter

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Cut your fries perfectly & easily!
Convenient and efficient in making ingredients! Easy to grip and would not cut or hurt your fingers even when speed preparing your meal!
Made with unique design that can slice in a creative shape your cucumber, carrot, fruit, potato, and more! No more worries about uncomforted gripping and will surely make fancy garnishes for nice food presentation!
A perfect cutter that can chop multiple food like vegetables, potatoes, hotdog and more!

• Quick & easy
Saves time during food preparation! Suited for beginners and will not cut your fingers while slicing in fast-paced cooking!
• Easy to use
Cut your ingredients in just a seconds by simply sticking the metal to the food and roll!
• Equal sizes
Can replace your hands to fix food and avoid cutting unequally!
• Widely applicable
Ideal for preparing fun multiple ingredients like potato, fruit, cheese, hotdog, and more!
• Convenient & safe grip
Enjoy cutting and preparing meal with its easy to grip and safe handle!


Material Stainless Steel + PP
Color Yellow
Package Includes 1 x Perfect Potato Tornado Cutter
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