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Cat Toast Mold

Cat Toast Mold

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Enjoy making meowy, yummy bread at home!

Introducing the Cat Toast Mould for everyone to create cute cat-shaped bread! It gives you the easiest way to make fresh and delightful toast loaf, cake, pudding, pies and no-baked desserts that everyone will adore.
Features a doubled-layered construction with non-stick coating that makes it super easy to release without using excess oil. Durably made with aluminized iron, it is safe for use in oven, microwave, fridge, refrigerator and withstand temperatures up to 230℃.
  • Make Meowy, Yummy Bread Easily
    Add extra attractiveness to your freshly baked creations! It lets you mold  doughs and sweets into a cute cat shape that everyone will love.
  • Non-Stick, Easy to Release
    Double-layered mold with coating surface makes it easy to release without damaging your freshly baked meowy toast.
  • Great for Baking Different Pastries
    Widely applicable for making bread loaf, cakes, pies, pudding cakes, pancakes, brownies, no-baked desserts and more.
  • Customise Any Fillings
    Easily fill custard cream, chocolate mousse, cheese, fruits, nuts, red beans or anything you like!
  • Sturdy, Durable Quality
    Safe for oven, dishwasher, fridge, steamer and more. Heat-resistant up to 230℃ and anti-rust.
  • Easy To Clean
    Easily clean this non-stick mold with water and soap, it is also safe for use in dishwasher.


  • Material: Aluminized Iron Plate
  • Size: 12cm x 14cm x 5cm


  • 1 x Cat Toast Mould
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