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Cakesicle Silicone Mold

Cakesicle Silicone Mold

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Make a fun twist on yummy cake pops!

Cakesicle Silicone Mold gives you the easiest way to create a smooth, shiny and perfectly-shaped chocolate shell that seals yummy cake crubs and cream seamlessly!Non-stick, malleable, food-grade silicone surface ensures your cakesicle comes out easily without cracking. Enjoy making sweet treats with jam, mousse, caramel, nutella, fruits, sprinkle toppings, or anything you like to make it fun and unique!

  • Easily Make Yummy Cakesicles
    No need to roll and shape fillings since this mold will do it all - The silicone mold will create a perfectly-shaped chocolate shell for you to add any fillings inside.
  • Non-Stick, Easy to Release
    Non-stick, malleable materials make it super easy to demold without damaging your sweet treats.
  • Customise Any Fillings
    Easily fill cake, frosting mixture, custard cream, chocolate mousse, fruits, ice cream, or anything you like to make it fun and tasty!
  • Stick Insert Hold
    Features centered holes that allow you to insert stick easily.
  • Leak-Free Silicone Lid
  • Versatile Use
    Great for making cakesicles, ice cream popsicles, ice, jelly, chocolates and more! Make fun desserts for party, gathering, celebration, wedding or as a gift!
  • Complete Set
    Comes with 50 icecream sticks so you don’t to have buy them separately!
  • Durably Made
    Made with durable, food-safe silicone materials, it is safe for use in fridge, refrigerator and easy to clean.
  • Material: Food-Grade Silicone
  • Size: As Shown


  • 1 pc x Cakesicle Silicone Mold
  • 50 pcs x Ice Cream Sticks
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